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The Complete Threads & Friends Books Series 1-4

Buy the first four Threads & Friends books for a special discounted price! Teach your kids life skills like accountability, responsibility, and good manners, all while reading fun stories about the adventures of the Threads & Friends baseball team! Great gift for kids, or for elementary school libraries.

Threads & Friends:
Book One - Teamwork

It’s the day of the All-Star Game and Threads & Friends are ready to play their best. Coach gathers the team for a pep talk, but out on the field, the pitcher isn’t listening to the catcher. The game begins to fall apart until the team realizes that the key to a winning game is teamwork.

In this fun series from Peter Mulry, one of the winningest coaches in the country, Pedro the pitcher, Cathy the Catcher and Threads the Coach, as well as the rest of the All-Stars, learn life lessons on the field. Responsibility, determination, cooperation and leadership are as important as a bat, ball, and glove, and Threads & Friends bring those lessons to life.

Threads & Friends:
Book Two - Cathy the Catcher's New View

Nothing is going right for Cathy the catcher. She misses catching a ball, misreads the cues from the pitcher, and her team loses a critical game. Cathy is disheartened and feels like she let her team down. Coach Threads pulls her aside, and talks to her, reminding her that everyone has bad days. But the next day is bad, too, and Cathy, used to being a good leader for her team, is dejected and defeated. When she goes home, Pedro stops by to do some extra practice. When Cathy misses an easy catch, Pedro asks her if she might need glasses. At first, Cathy is embarrassed, but Coach Threads encourages her to go to the eye doctor. When Cathy returns, she has her new glasses and she plays a perfect game. She thanks her teammates for rallying around her when she had a bad day, and making her feel better. She learns that it’s okay to ask for help, to admit when you’re struggling, and that she can count on her team when she needs them most.

Threads & Friends:
Book Three - Pedro The Pitcher's Second Chance

Threads & Friends:
Book Four - Freddie the 1st Basemen Learns Gratitude

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