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Our Mission

The PETER J. MULRY FOUNDATION, Inc. is a Florida 501 C-3 not-for-profit corporation organized as a charitable organization that provides life skills and counseling services for young persons in the Tampa, Florida area. The purpose of the organization is to instill essential core values in young people so they may be better prepared to achieve success in their life’s endeavors.


Goals & Objectives

Our staff is dedicated to the education, training, coaching, and teaching of life skills and core values to young people. Through our efforts we hope to increase awareness and to teach the ten (10) core values we deem necessary for successful achievement:

Responsibility-  Understanding the necessity of identifying, responding to, and developing one’s talents, gifts, and abilities;

Teamwork- A cooperative effort in pursuit of a common good;

Effort-  Ones desire to work specific training necessary to overcome obstacles and barriers to attain good results;

Situational Awareness- Knowing what’s going on around us at any given time;

Commitment- Pledge oneself to a certain consistent conduct;

Friendship- Learning the value of cultivating strong relationships that last over time;

Discipline-  Learning how to practice self-control;

Accountability- Learning to accept responsibility for one’s actions;

Confidence- Belief in one’s own abilities; and

Integrity- Learning to pursue truth and to avoid deceptive behavior

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